The KGM is a traditional crafted muscle back design by Shinagawa Kiyoshi. It is forged out of the highest quality S25C steel; giving the contact with the ball a very soft feel. Some other features include: a minimum offset, maximum control and workability. It has a traditional look with a high neck, classic muscle back, and a mid-high centre of gravity for ball flight direction, spin control and for all ground and weather conditions.

It has smooth rounded toe and a special hand grinded sole. The sole of the longer irons have a minimal bounce and the shorter irons have slightly larger bounce. This allows the shorter clubs to produce a crisp shallow divot and the longer clubs to easily cut through various lies.

Iron Specifications

Iron 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 p
Loft 21 24 27 31 35 39 43 46
Lie 59 59.5 60 60.5 61 61.5 62 62.5
Weight 244 251 258 265 272 279 286 292
KGM Shinagawa Golf Iron Muscle Back


209J Shinagawa Golf Iron Muscle Back


206H Shinagawa Golf Iron Muscle Back


208I Shinagawa Golf Iron Muscle Back


212K Shinagawa Golf Iron Muscle Back


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